HAP Foundation Welcome! This is the official Zello station of the HAP Foundation! Hap stands for Hurricane Awareness and Preparedness. As we learned and validated with Hurricane Irma, there is a need for civilians helping civilians. As the Foundation creator, I have 18 years Hurricane Mitigation experience. I reti... ZELLO.COM

Source: Original Post by Markus Osmers, HAP Foundation Tampa on Facebook

If you haven't joined us on Zello yet, here's our invitation to the Official Channel of the HAP Foundation Tampa on Zello. Hurricane Awareness and Preparedness starts before the disaster occurs and we'll help you to be prepared.

So you'll be better off having set up some basic tools HAP offers and there are many to choose from. On what they all are and how to use all of them we will give more information and advice in the very near future.

One tool you can install today is getting you ready for mobile communications in case of an emergency. Linked on top of this post is our …
HAP - Hear Heather speak on her Mission - HAP Foundation Tampa, Cooperation with Google, Moderators giving TED Talks, the new channels on ZELLO and her outlook on the future of HAP.
Heather Lyden, is the leading expert in Applied Disaster Mitigation. Interactively she shares her compound knowledge on Hurricane Awareness and Preparedness.

She covers various Topics and applies suitable Approaches. These range from simple Tips and Tricks to Live Forum Discussions and Lectures.

Her access to communicative platforms and direct communication Tools offers a vivid and lively exchange on complex issues!